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Resolved: Temporary routing issue affecting certain exchanges

10:55 ET 16 Jan 2013
TradingNYSE, NYSE MKT General

The NYSE and NYSE MKT experienced a brief issue today routing orders to the EDGA, EDGX and CBOE exchanges from 9:30 until 9:34 a.m. ET.  During this time, executions at the NYSE and NYSE MKT may have traded through protected quotes from those exchanges.  Protected quotes from other exchanges were not affected.  The issue was corrected at 9:34 and all routing was resumed.

All NYSE and NYSE MKT systems are functioning normally.

Customers with questions may contact the Trading Services Desk at 1-866-DOT-DESK (1-866-368-3375).  Customers seeking to file a system-error claim may access the form via the following link: System Error Claim